Pork in Vaccine Delays Launch of Vaccination Programme

VaccinationThe Scottish Government as well as the NHS explanation over the pork use in a flu vaccine has been suspected by Muslim leaders.

The Muslim Council of Scotland (MCS) said other products were available. A ruling was quoted by health experts and ministers in 2001 not to unveil that the vaccine carried pork gelatine in case a person was already ill.

If some other medicine was available, the individual should not be provided with the pig-derived products.

It has been found that the nasal spray Fluenz is being offered to almost 100,000 kids from primary schools in Scotland. It is being done as a pilot scheme's part.

The programme's part aiming to vaccinate children against flu was delayed when concerns were raised by a few Muslim parents that pork gelatine was there in the vaccine.

However, the immunization programme was meant to start in Glasgow at a total of 54 primary schools earlier this week. But, the same would now be launched later. The largest immunisation programme of Scotland was lately introduced by Alex Salmond, First Minister.

"These concerns relate to the nasal spray vaccine which contains a tiny amount of gelatine of pork origin used during the manufacturing process", said the health board's spokesperson.