Facebook and Twitter May Cause Halt in Flu Spread, Say Experts

Twitter-FacebookExperts are of the opinion that popular social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, could help in averting certain illnesses such as flu or cold.

Mathematical models could be used by the sites in order to comprehend the way of socially responding to biological contagions.

The season of cold and flu has already been knocking at the door. Thus, it is vital for one and all to take some steps and look for prevention of the infectious illnesses. Vaccination could be one way to achieve the target of stopping the spread of flu.

However, people should be conscious enough to cover their mouths whenever they sneeze or cough. Since, the same is the main cause why people coming in contact with the infected people also contract the infection.

The University of Waterloo's Professor of Applied Mathematics, Chris Bauch, and Yale University's Alison Galvani took into consideration the social factors in epidemiology to conduct the study. They said that the response of the society to the infections was dishevelled with the biological spread of diseases.

"Social media and other data sources can be tapped for insights into how people will react when faced with a new disease control measure or the threat of infectious disease", Bauch was quoted as saying.