20-Minute Exercise a Day Would Keep you Away from Premature Death

20-Minute Exercise a Day Would Keep you Away from Premature DeathLife of 37,000 people could be saved every year if they walk for 20 minutes a day. This walking can save people from premature death by cancer, heart disease and stroke.

One in every three people hardly walks for 30 minutes per week, including every day trips to the shops, work or school.

Of the people who were surveyed, only half of them walk for two hours or less a week. The number is much less than Government guidelines of 150 minutes a week or 21 minutes a day.

Out of 20, only one person in England does sufficient moderate physical activity such as walking to get the health benefits. This was told in the report from The Ramblers walking charity and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Research suggests being inactive decreases three to five years of life. It also increases the chances of developing cancer, heart disease or having a stroke by 25% to 50%.

In the UK, lack of physical exercise is responsible for nearly 17% of premature deaths. This costs the economy up to £10billion per year through sick days, care costs and early deaths.

About nine out of 10 Britons believe that walking is a good form of physical exercise that can keep you healthy. This was revealed in Opinion polls.