Jeremy Hunt Says No to NHS Pay Hike

Jeremy Hunt Says No to NHS Pay HikeAccording to a new report, the rise in the pay of the NHS staff has been scraped by the health secretary.

The ministers have recently started a new conflict with the NHS staff by urging pay review body to scrap 1% rise due in April.

They are trying to disrupt a pay rise, promised to the NHS staff next year. They are also trying to scrap NHS staff's pay progression system, which is linked to length of service.

Surprisingly, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has urged in a move to the two independent pay review bodies, to cancel the 1% rise due in April 2014 for the NHS's 1.3 million workforce.

This is done in spite of the fact that the chancellor, George Osborne, has previously said that the rise in the pay of the NHS staff is affordable.

The Health Secretary is further trying to end the old traditions in the NHS, which were the small increases received by the staff each year.

This was done in addition to any pay rise and by moving up grades within their pay band, as long as their performance has been satisfactory.

The Health Secretary claims that the NHS's £100bn annual budget is under such pressure that it cannot afford to increase salaries in 2014. He says the continuous automatic increments of the staff cannot be afforded from now onwards.