UAE eying U.S. Joint Strike Fighter

UAE eying U.S. Joint Strike FighterThe latest US military aircraft dubbed as Joint-Strike Fighter has been grabbing the attention of UAE as the country reportedly initiated efforts to include it into its military fleet. The aircraft is capable to foil any attempt of attack from the enemy side given to the high end technology used to counter any attack.

UAE, the second-largest economy of the Arab World, has expressed the desire to buy the fighter plane. However, U. S. is reportedly cautious of selling arms to Gulf States due to security concerns and Israel conflict. The country wants to make a review of its policy before selling its cutting edge technology to UAE according to the reports published in the Financial Times.

However, Iran's nuclear program dubbed illegal by Western World including US, may end US dilemma to sell its military technology to UAE, a trusted friend of US. Grant Rogan, Chairman and Chief Executive of Blenheim Capital Partners hopes earlier outcome of diplomatic and military priorities of US in the Middle-East. He said that much would depend over Iran's efforts to expedite its work on its nuclear program for making the US to sell its advanced technology to the Arab World.