Why People are happy to take Credit of Good Things and not Bad?

Why People are happy to take Credit of Good Things and not Bad?People feel happy to take the credit when things go on well, but when things go terribly wrong people often are less willing to take such credits.

Scientists have found that brains of people take longer time to link with the results of bad consequences. This is because the organ is much concerned for taking reward rather than failures. Also, biologically good results are the key to survival.

The finding were published in the journal Current Biology, explores the concept of "sense of agency". This is an idea of willingly doing something to produce an external sensory event.

Participants were asked by the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London to press a key that either made disapproving, neutral or approving noises.

They were asked to guess the time when they pressed the key and when they heard the sound. It was found that the time difference between the pressing a key and hearing the positive sound was less as compared to that of negative sound. This means that people were considerably slower to identify if their actions resulted in a bad outcome.

"Our result suggests that people may really experience less responsibility for negative than for positive outcomes", said Professor Patrick Haggard of the institute to Daily Mail.