Ghana’s FDA Announces Ban on Drug Distribution by Bliss GVS Pharma

Ghana’s FDA Announces Ban on Drug Distribution by Bliss GVS PharmaGhana's health watchdog recently introduced a ban on Bliss GVS Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical firm. The firm was found to provide fake medicines.

Unregistered drugs for malarial treatment were also, reportedly, being sold in Ghana. The work was being conducted in teamwork with Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, a local firm.

The ban means that the company based in Maharashtra would now not be able to import or dole out medicinal products to Africa.

According to the African nation watchdog, the move was apt seeing the kind of medicinal products' manufacture and distribution that was taking place at Bliss GVS Pharma. The organization was not complying with the registration requirements.

Ghana's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informed that Gsunate Plus Suppositories, a fake antimalarial medicine, was created and the Ghanaian market imported the same.

The heads of Ghanaian drug maker Tobinco and Bliss GVS Pharma of India have even owed apologies for import of 'fake malaria medicine' to Ghana. The medicines were claimed to be promising for treatment of malaria, especially in children.

"The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)... has with immediate effect banned the importation and distribution of all medicinal products manufactured by Bliss GVS Pharma Limited", said Stephen K Opuni, FDA Ghana Chief Executive.