Emergency departments so busy that they can now be unsafe for patients

Emergency departments so busy that they can now be unsafe for patientsAs many as 75 percent of A&E doctors feel that undue pressure is being put on them through the increasing number of patients in the emergency department which may cause some kind of unsafe atmosphere in the wake of shortage of staff members.

Doctors also say that on certain week days the rush is so much that the staff can't meet the demand and the emergency unit meant to render help may itself become unsafe for patients.

Another 50 percent doctors feel that they are pressed into working overtime which can cause risk to the patients since their own bodies are thoroughly exhausted due to lack of rest.

The College of Emergency Medicine has released its findings about its discovery that more than half of the specialists accept that their present workload is unsustainable since they are under a lot of work pressure.

In addition to these number almost all doctors agreed that they customarily needed to work additional time to fill holes in the facility. The College speaking to A&e specialists cautions that if the NHS does not either expand staffing levels, or make attempts to decrease the amounts of patients then the safety of wards can be at risk.