Overweight dogs may die young

Overweight dogs may die youngA new study has warned dog owners to keep their pets' weight under control since dogs who weigh more can live lesser than those who have a healthier weight.

A new study finds that overweight dogs have a much lesser life expectancy in comparison to dogs which are not.

The research was done on a variety of dog breeds from all over the country. The results displayed that overweight dogs in middle age displayed is shorter life expectancy when compared to dogs with a normal weight.

According to researchers overweight dogs were especially seen to show
10 months lesser life span compared to dogs with healthier weight.

The importance of keeping your dogs' weight ideal right from the beginning years was pinpointed by researchers so as to avoid them falling in the overweight bracket during middle age since it can take away precious life span away from your pets' life.

The study observed a wide range of popular breeds across the US to know the effect of body condition score on the life expectancy of dogs.

Lead scientist Carina Salt, from WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition said, "This is the first reported research of its kind looking specifically at a large number of pet dogs."