Acticoa: New Dark Chocolate with Health Benefits to be Soon Available

Acticoa: New Dark Chocolate with Health Benefits to be Soon AvailableChocolate that is not only good in taste but for health as well is soon going to found on the shelves. Swiss company Barry Callebaut has made a chocolate, Acticoa that increases the elasticity of blood vessels by 1% to 2%.

Though the percentage might seem small, as per a research, improvement in elasticity even by 1% is enough to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 8%.

In general, flavonols, antioxidants found in cocoa, are removed during chocolate making procedure. But Acticoa uses a very different technique in which it includes flavonols in its recipe.

Spokesman Marijke De Brouwer has affirmed that by preserving what is already present in cocoa has added to the benefits provided by the chocolate. "This is not about artificially adding a nutrient - it is about preserving what is already present in cocoa", affirmed Brouwer.

Not only elasticity of blood vessels is improved, reduction in wrinkles and memory also gets enhanced. Acticoa is basically a dark chocolate that is packed with health improving chemicals and it will soon be available in market.

The chocolate wrapper will be carrying the health claim about cocoa flavanols improving elasticity of blood vessels. The European Commission has given green signal to do the same.