ECI Raises Canadian Flag to Pay Honour to Anne Salomon

Anne-SalomonIn a tribute to SFU researcher Anne Salomon, the Canadian flag was raised by Europe's International Ecology Institute (ECI), Oldendorf, Germany, at its award ceremony.

The ECI is a non-profit group that comprises highly popular international research ecologists. It has been revealed that the organization is completely devoted to cultivating ecological knowledge as well as awareness.

As per the findings, the 2013 International Recognition of Professional Excellence Prize (IRPE) has been won by Anne Salomon. The School of Resource and Environmental Management's assistant professor is well-known for the research conducted by her on the way coastal marine ecosystems varied by nature- or human-changes.

A total of six high profile peer-reviewed journals are published by the ECI. These journals could be in different fields such as climate change, ecology, endangered species research and limnology.

It is being said that an ecologist, either of 40 years in age or below, is honoured in its annual IRPE Prize. The ecologist should have his work representing a ground-breaking discovery in science published.

"In order to understand, conserve and manage ecosystems we need to understand human interactions and involve coastal communities in our research as informed collaborators", Salomon was quoted as saying.