Dubai debt Woes Fail to Impact Art Fair

Dubai debt Woes Fail to Impact Art FairLeaving behind the tough financial conditions due to Dubai World Crisis, the annual art fair at Dubai scaled new heights in terms of sales and volume. The Four day art show reported 28 per cent increase in number of customers participating in the event as compared to people visited the fair last year.

Raman Frey, of New York-based gallery Frey Norris expressed, "Everybody's talking about doom and gloom in Dubai but we have sold almost everything." He said that the event is a platform for emerging artists to prove their talent and get better exposure in the World.

The fair drew World's eminent artists from across the globe. Organizers claimed that 31 countries participated in the event with artists exhibited their creations and did good business at the four day event.

Saudi Arabia's Athr Gallery and Berlin's Galerie Christian Hosp cheered over the response of people and claimed that 90 per cent of their work has been sold.