Britain Looking Forward to sell Shares in Royal Mail at the Top of its Range

Royal-MailIt has been revealed that Britain is highly likely to sell shares in Royal Mail at the top of its range. The news was revealed by two sources close to the deal. The company is reportedly valued at 3.3 billion pounds on the final day.

The government is not affected by the threat of strike action from delivery staff and vehement criticism from opposition lawmaker, looking confident to complete the sale of a majority stake in the 500-year-old Royal Mail.

The move will mark the biggest privatization ever since John Major's Conservative government sold the railways in the 1990s.

Strong demand has been received by the stock market from the outset. Due to strong demands, investors should expect their orders to be scales back. British Business Secretary Vince Cable criticized the opposition Labour party for irresponsibly talking about the value of Royal Mail.

Shares of the company are likely to begin trading on Friday. Cable wrote, "Equity investment always involves risk, particularly when the company in question is new to the market. In the light of this it is dangerous to imply that there is an easy bargain to be made".

He added that risks should be considered that may be influencing the decisions of retail investors.