Rail Tickets to Realize Less Increase in Prices Next Year

Rail-TicketsIn order to bring the ability of train operators to surge the prices of tickets in the New Year at the helm, the government, reportedly, is coming up with new strategies.

It has been found that the rail companies have the authority to make an addition to individual fares by some 5%. However, the same would continue until the average increase in regulated fares is kept at 1% over RPI inflation. Also, the new limit for addition has been announced as 2%.

The same meant that there would not be more than 6.2% rise in any regulated fare in January next year. Besides, the limit for rise in the average fare would be 4.2% at the maximum.

The report said that it was likely that some tickets might have realized a rise under the old "flexible" system by some 9.2%. The same could be attributed to the July 2013 RPI inflation rate noted at 3.2%. The rise expected in New Year is being based on the same.

"We will need to wait for the rail industry to calculate individual ticket prices for next year, but this cap could save some commuters as much as £200 a year", said the campaigners.