Mary Robinson issues Warning for putting a Limit on use of North Sea oil vital

North-Sea-oil-vitalAs per a warning issued by Mary Robinson, the Scottish and UK minister should give an immediate approval to the strict limits on the utilization of the North Sea oil and gas. This will be helping the world to avoid the worst impacts of climatic alterations.

Mary Robinson is one of the world's senior diplomats. She is also the former president and UN high commissioner for human rights. She stated that there was a neat contradiction between the Scottish and UK governments with their claims to increase the greenery.

In addition to that they have also promised the voters to avail them with larger amount of production of oil and gas. She also stated that there is an immediate need for taking faster and stricter measures by the western, oil-rich governments.

She explained that as per the latest released reports by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there is an unstable balance between the human activity and global warming. Hence, the countries need to put limits on carbon emissions.

She said that the developed countries require to take the lead in this matter. They need to cut short the emission of carbon and make investments in the lower carbon technologies. She gave her statements in a conference in Edinburgh.