Online fraud reports put Abu Dhabi police on alert

Online fraud reports put Abu Dhabi police on alertOnline fraud involving bank accounts of individual users in Abu Dhabi is the most major concern for Abu Dhabi Police officials.

Reports related to fraudulent attempt where customers were bluffed into phishing by fraudsters and look-like-real providers of banking services targeting bank accounts, were received by the Criminal Investigation Department of Abu Dhabi Police.

The head of the Department Colonel Rashid Bu Rasheed describes phishing as a criminally fraudulent process of trying to gather sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Fraudulent emails in which fraudsters, in bogus emails, pretend to be representatives of banks and ask recipients to fill in application forms with their confidential information, like login username and passwords, PIN numbers, and account numbers, in order for their de-activated bank accounts to be re-activated. As per the official, these are the emails which people have to aware of.

Maximum numbers of scammers, who were caught by Abu Dhabi Police, belonged to Africa, said Colonel Bu Rasheed.

The public was requested by Director General of Electronic Crime Department Captain Omar Al Tunaiji to not to reply to emails like these, which ask them to reveal their financial information.

He asked the individuals to always supervise their accounts, withdrawals and to immediately report any suspicious transactions.