‘Wakeup Call’ for Scottish government by NHS Scotland

‘Wakeup Call’ for Scottish government by NHS ScotlandAccording to a new report, a `wakeup call' has been raised for the Scottish government by the NHS trust in Scotland.

In the latest analysis of NHS finances, there seems to be an increase in pressure on the hospitals, which has been highlighted by the Public spending watchdog Audit Scotland.

Some issues have been raised by the trust, which include long waiting time for the checkups, increase in vacancies for the doctors and nurses and more use of banks and agency staff.

The public spending watchdog said that there is an urgent need to focus on the long term financial plans in the NHS trust. They said so as to meet the upcoming significant challenges in the hospital.

It has been observed by the Audit Scotland that a kind attention is needed to handle the budgets and increasing demands of the services. But, still they praised the increase in financial performance of health authorities in Scotland, which took place the previous year.

The ministers of Scotland said that their main aim is to only protect the NHS spending. While, the opposition politicians are of the view that the health service was operating on a `hand-to-mouth' basis.

Auditor General Caroline Gardner said: "The health service needs to increase its focus on longer-term financial planning so that it is prepared for the challenges it faces".