Jeremy Hunt orders inquiry into 48-hour work schedule for doctors

Jeremy HuntAs part of certain claims that making doctors work more than 48 hours on a weekly basis compromising the safety of patients the Health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has ordered an inquiry into the European law. The long working hours also inhibit proper training of junior doctors and rendering medical care.

A team will figure out the way the European Working Time Directive has affected the working of the NHS after coming in play since the year

It has helped significantly decrease the customary waiting time for people confronted by a few specialists.

Norman Williams, president of the Royal College of Surgeons, a curve expert of the EWTD will lead the gathering of senior specialists and NHS guides.

He has formerly criticised it as a "48-hour straitjacket which has accelerated an excessive amount of unnecessary handovers and brought about discontinuity of patient consideration."

As per a review done in February this year done by the General Medical Council it was discovered that while the EWTD had accelerated fewer hours, it had additionally abandoned a few specialists accomplishing more movement work and enduring exhaustion subsequently.