Abu Dhabi to hold meeting of Yemen's friends group soon

Abu Dhabi to hold meeting of Yemen's friends group soonAbu Dhabi will hold meeting of the Yemen's Friends Group on the economic and good governance on 29 - 30 March, and on Sunday, talks were held by foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi with the UAE Assistant Foreign Minister Khalid al-Ghaith on the arrangements regarding the same.

Under the talks, the two ministers discussed about bilateral cooperation between the two countries regarding economy, development and investment opportunities available to for United Arab Emirates investors in promising sectors in Yemen.

The leadership of the UAE to back up the development, economic and social process in Yemen was highly appreciated by Al-Qirbi, who ensured that Yemen is also eager to offer all aspects of support for UAE investors to encourage the bilateral relations between the two countries to serve common interests.

On the other hand, even the UAE official pledged that UAE will work hard to bolster relations with Yemen and to promote the development process in Yemen. He emphasized that his present visit is targeting to bolster cooperation in the field of investment along with identifying investment priorities in light of the various investment opportunities available in Yemen.

He also laid stress in the role of the Joint Ministerial Committee in translating aspirations of the leadership of both countries to achieve further cooperation and benefits for the peoples of the two countries.