Herbal Medicines’ Unlisted Ingredients Can Prove Fatal for Health: Study

Herbal-MedicinesIt might shock you, but as per a study, it has been uncovered that there are a number of herbal medicines that contains unlisted ingredients.

These ingredients can cause probable risk to human health. Study researchers have found a number of genetic tests' results carried out on herbal medicines available in Canada, which have been found to be true to the above mentioned statement.

Lead researcher Steven Newmaster, botanical director of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, was of the view, "We found contamination in several products with plants that have known toxicity, side effects or negatively interact with other herbs, supplements and medications".

The research has been published in the BMC Medicine journal. In order to reach at the above given result, study researchers have assessed 44 herbal products that were sold by 12 different companies.

While carrying out the study, study researchers came across many unlisted products in the medicines whose prolonged usage could cause fatal problems.

To cite an example, St. John's wrote supplement for depression treatment was found to be having Senna alexandrina, a plant having laxative properties. Its prolonged usage could lead to liver damage.

Newmaster has affirmed such problems can prove problematic for safety of such products.