Over 100 Million Royal Mail Shares get Traded

Royal-MailRoyal Mail, which is 378-years-old company, has been able to trade its shares over 100 million. Market experts affirmed that it was all of a sudden that its share price jumped from £3.30 to £4.50.

The earlier price was set by ministers. This is the reason that critics have been speculating that this was the move of the government and they have chronically reduced the value of the business.

It shall be worth knowing that the price had stopped at £4.55, which means that the company has witnessed a jump of 38%.

After seeing the rise, it is now being considered the organization is all set to make an entry to FTSE index of Britain's 100 biggest companies. As soon as the price increased, it is said that a number of known personalities of Britain have tried their hand in buying massive amounts.

There were many people who have asked huge amounts, but they got nothing in return. On the other hand, there were 690,000 people who immediately sold the shares as soon as they purchased them.

This instant selling and buying activity has led them to earn pre-tax profit of about £250. "It is not only good for its employees, who have become shareholders, it is not only good for the shareholders who now own this company, it is good for the company itself", affirmed David Cameron.