Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to open by end of year 2010

Ferrari-World-Abu-DhabiThose in love with Ferrari will surely admire the world's first Ferrari theme park, which is to open later this year on Yas Island, located on the north east side of Abu Dhabi's mainland and covers 200,000 square metres.

Ferrai World, will also have the world's fastest rollercoaster ride apart from being world's biggest indoor theme park. The record-breaking rollercoaster will touch speeds in excess of 120mph to create the sensation of speed and acceleration in a Ferrari Formula One car.

"There's also an additional G-force experience, taking passengers on an adrenaline-pumping ride that bursts through the red canopy, plus a host of vintage and contemporary racing memorabilia throughout the park," said a source.

Those who are big time foodies will also love their stay in park, as it has got a great variety of Italian food, including two restaurants, which have been opened keeping the inspiration of the real Maranello food experience, where Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa head for a round of spag bol.

However, the only thorn in the rose is the entry fee of this park, which is expected to be bit too high for everyone to enjoy.