Depression pill consumers increasing

Depression pillMental health specialists cautioned that despite being a developed well-to-do country England is now one of the leaders when it comes to the number of people depending on depression pills after prescriptions from their GPs.

A recent study shows that GPs have a tendency to prescribe patients, with anti-depressant pills, complaining of mental disorders and depression instead of exercises or other remedies. This had led to an increased number of people consuming depression pills for their mental problems which are also on a rise due to all the stress.

The study confirmed that more and more people are consulting GPs with some kind of depression or mental health issue.

This practice by GPs is making the UK a nation of pill poppers following which experts on mental health have asked people to guard against such practice.

The study was ordered by the healthcare charity Nuffield Health.

The study observed at least 2,000 people who showed 44 percent anxiety symptoms along with another 33 percent added to this list when the recession first hit the globe almost five years back.