Notable 19.5% rise recorded by Air India in sales revenue from Gulf

Air-IndiaOn Tuesday, a senior official of the Indian national carrier told that in the past three months, Air India (AI) has recorded 19.5% increase in sales revenue in the Gulf-India route.

Air India regional manager in the Gulf, Middle East and Africa Abhay Pathak told media people that Gulf which remained the biggest market for Air India, and Dubai and Sharjah are emerging as important hubs.

He explained, "The results reflect a rebound in the region's air travel sector during this period, the seat factor went up from 71 per cent to 80 per cent which could be achieved due to right sizing."

Nearly 200 flights are being operated by the Indian carrier every week in the region.

Pathak told that this is a very vital market even for India and that they run more than 200 flights per week, 80 flights under IC code and 100 flights as low-cost carriers operating to 17 destinations in India.

However, he admitted that during the period, per seat yield decreased slightly.

While considering the report, Pathak explained that on the whole air travel revenue dropped approximately by 22%, Air India was slightly affected.

He explained that they have placed orders for 111 aircraft consisting of Airbus and Boeing planes with the aim of meeting the requirements of different markets. Forty four, out of these 46 Airbus aircraft, have already joined their fleet and they have also replaced old fleet with new the state-of-art aircraft fully-loaded with all onboard facilities.