Novel Lab opens to Test Electric Car Batteries

Test-Electric-Car-BatteriesWith the gradual increase in the field of science, new technologies are being developed, which helps in reducing human efforts and provides ease to them.

As per a new report, Ford Motor Co. and the University of Michigan, a new research has been opened by these organizations to enhance the research and manufacturing of new batteries. The main aim of these organizations is to speed up the development of batteries for electric and hybrid cars.

The battery makers, car companies and researchers will unite together to test the new batteries for prototype vehicles.

Ted Miller is the manager o9f the battery research at Ford. He said that the new lab will be unique in the U. S. He said that the earlier labs are less efficient in testing the new batteries in the amounts or formats needed for automotive research.

Miller said that the Ford and other automakers already have labs to test the batteries. They test the durability and quality of the vehicles in their labs. But, he said that the battery companies do not guarantee for their products.

Miller added that the companies are not indeed sure that they are developing a good a product, will be useful to the automotive industry or not.