Recession Soars Anxiety Level in 2m Scots

RecessionAs per a new report, about two million cases have been revealed in which people are under the threat of extreme pressure. Most of the Scottish people are suffering from anxiety related to the increase in financial terms at the time of recession.

The health experts have warned that many mental cases have been observed in the Scottish people. They say people are under the financial pressure, which had disturbed their mental condition.

As per a new research by the charity Nuffield Health, about 37% of the people at the North Border are suffering with anxiety. The report revealed that this rate was 34% about five years back, when the recession first took place at that time.

A survey was conducted by the health officials at Nuffield Health, they revealed out the top three reasons behind the increase of anxiety among the people. First one is the financial issues with the rate of 43%, second one is the family worries with the rate of 41% and the last but not the least is the problems at their work, which is at the rate of 33%.

"We are calling for all GPs to treat mental health as they would any other condition that can benefit from treatment with exercise", said officials.