Cancer charity appeals for new volunteers

Cancer charity appeals for new volunteersMacmillan Cancer Support is putting up another fundraising unit in Kelvedon and Tiptree and is now inviting volunteers for the same.

The famous charity group is finding more people who can conduct the very first coffee morning which will be held next week on the 26th of October.

There will be the usual coffee and cake during the event along with added children's activities with biscuit decorating and face painting.

The charity recently reported that many carers at cancer facilities are offering important healthcare to cancer patients without proper training which could compromise the health of the patients.

They have even surveyed over 2,000 past and current carers regarding the care and support they have been giving to cancer patients.

Around 20 percent said that they rendered particular healthcare jobs like administering medicine and giving pain relieving medication and many others were doing the job of administering injections.

The charity was disappointed with the results they found and wants the NHS to improve the care given to cancer patients.

There are 240,000 carers in the UK who are employed to take care of cancer patients.