Wockhardt drugs recalled by regulators in UK

Wockhardt drugs recalled by regulators in UKThe Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, United Kingdom (UKMHRA) has made an announcement regarding the recall of drugs manufactured by the drug making giant Wockhardt just five days after they were made in the Chikalthana facility.

The UKMHRA conducted an inspection of the same plant on October 12 this year and found certain deficiencies following which they withdrew the good manufacturing practices certificate issued to them in July this year.

The regulator had, however, permitted the unit to continue with the manufacturing of some important medicines with an aim to preempt any shortfall.

This incident has made it a second chance when drugs made by Wockhardt have been recalled this year.

The first time 16 drugs were recalled by the UK regulator following shortcomings on production regulations by the company in 2013. These were recalled from the Waluj facility.

Despite the recall of certain drugs the Chikalthana unit has been given a go-ahead by the regulators to manufacture 10 prescription drugs to export them to the UK.

The recall is only applicable to drugs which have not been sold yet at pharmacies.