UK people are losing faith in the NHS

UK people are losing faith in the NHSWith the increased demand of healthcare on the free NHS service in the UK is making them stretch their limits to meet larger number of cases in the emergency department reducing the faith that people once had on the NHS.

A lady reported that she was guided by the NHS staff to get her son checked in emergency after a rash was spotted on her body.

She said that this was not the first time that she had depended on the NHS. One person reported that the midwives saved his wife this year and said that he was happy that he could depend on the health service.

However, he said that he was forced into thinking this week that the NHS was stretching itself to meet the large number of patients coming in the emergency department. It is also under a pressure of meeting £20 billion efficiency savings by 2015.

He said that NHS was barely clinging on as the pressures were mounting on it.

Health services always witness changes since people continue to shift from one place to another and the more the number of old people in a place the increased number of patients the local NHS has to attend to.

This century will also have much more number of old people resulting in more and more pressure on NHS.