Woman wins Payout from a Company for Asbestos Exposure

AsbestosA woman who suffered from asbestos poisoning between 1967 and 1983 has received a substantial payment from its parent company. The woman suffered from terminal cancer because of making asbestos `snow balls' with dust in a local factory. She grew up by an asbestos plant in Bowburn, County Durham.

She is currently living in London. She said she had a responsibility to the community she grew up in to pursue her claim. The issue was settled out of the court by Cape Intermediate Holdings Plc. The company was previously known as The Cape Asbestos Company.

"My case establishes that the people of Bowburn were exposed to the dangers of asbestos over forty years ago and were largely unaware or unable to do anything to protect themselves and their children", she said

She said she really feels very angry that she and her friends came into contact with asbestos while playing in their village and around their homes.

She became a fashion designer after escaping from the local factory when she was a child. But she later developed terminal cancer because of previously getting exposed to asbestos. She has now won a settlement from the plant's parent company.