British woman suffers in Dubai jail for a crime she didn’t commit

Becky BlakeA 30 year old woman underwent a serious allegation following which she was jailed in the Arab state of Dubai for a crime which she claims she didn't commit.

Rebecca was sentenced to imprisonment and was almost stoned to death for having sex outside her marriage.

She said that the court could have even awarded death for having committing adultery if they found out that her status was still married.

She stays in Surrey and said that tourists must know about the harsh laws of Dubai, there sure is a pleasant side to the city but there also is a dark one which everyone needs to beware of.

After her terrible experience she says that she still gets nightmares as if she is still inside that jail cell.

She spent 42 days in the jail which she says seemed like eternity as she was jailed for having sex outside marriage since the Dubai decency laws don't permit one to do this.

She recollects the fateful taxi ride which got her into this whole trouble. She was headed home after a night out with other expats from Britain along with a friend.

When they realised that the taxi guy was taking the longer route, they questioned him and it turned into an argument.

He then took them to the police and reported falsely that the couple had sex in his car. The sex test found her not guilty but it didn't mean anything and she was jailed.