Hair Growth promised with new formula

Hair-GrowthLead author of a study, Angela Christiano concentrated on doing a study to add the number of hair or initiate new hair growth instead of just relocating them. She has herself been suffering from a kind of hair loss called alopecia areata.

She and her team of researchers have achieved the formula to enhance new hair growth which could lead to effective baldness treatments and cure hair loss issues.

The recent formula has only been examined on mice till now in the lab and is yet to be tested on humans. However it did generate the growth of new hair on human skin which was grafted on animals showing that we may just have got a solution for new hair growth.

If the study proves to be effective then a new enhanced treatment for the cure of hair loss of all kinds could be made available.

Scientists have for the first time been able to grow and multiply hair follicles in the laboratory which shows that just a single follicle can create many others.

There surely are treatments for balding and hair loss but there is no cure till now for this problem.