Researchers Conduct New Op to Treat Patients of Heart Failure

Heart-FailureThe UK has put its first step when it comes to making efforts to treat heart failure patients. A recent report has uncovered that a new operation has been trialled in the nation, which is expected to bring an improvement in the failing heart function.

A novel form of cardiac sewing was used by a group of surgeons, which was aimed at removing the scar tissue. Also, the surgeons were seeking to bring a reduction in the heart size so that the vital organ could pump in a proper manner.

That's right! Patients of heart failure often are found realizing some difficulty in pumping blood around their body. In case they try even mild exercise, they could be found in a breathless state.

As per the findings, a most common cause behind heart failure is that the arteries responsible for nourishing the organ turn blocked. The same results in a heart attack, with heart muscle turning lifeless.

However, the muscle is restored by a hard scar tissue. But, the researchers said that the tissue did not beat. Also, the heart later turned weaker by forcing more blood with every heartbeat. Concerning the same, they performed the operation at King's College Hospital, London.

Using a wire having anchors at both the ends, two sections of the heart muscle were pierced. The heart walls were reconstructed by tightening the wire.