London Hospital Short of Funds

St-Thomas-HospitalAccording to latest reports, the hospital authorities are afraid and fearful about the London hospital as it will not able to cope this winter after four A&E departments were denied millions of pounds in an urgent situation.

Ten hospitals in the region were given a share of £55million in order to help them tackle the flood of patients infected due to a change in weather. But South London was ignored at that time too by the government.

Also, the St Thomas' Hospital in Waterloo, Guy's in London Bridge, St George's in Tooting or Lewisham Hospital did not receive anything from the total amount allocated by the government which was £500million.

Tooting MP Sadiq Khan asked Mr. Hunt to provide more money for hospitals such as St George's, which last winter received a sum of £2.5million but has not got anything this time by the government.

Mr. Khan said, "St George's is one of the busiest hospitals in the south of England, with demand increasing every year. The extra winter funding is vital. Without it, I am extremely concerned the hospital will not be able to cope".

He said they have plans including recruiting more staff and seasonal escalation wards, only opened in busy periods. He said the residents can help them manage winter pressures by only coming in a genuine emergency.