Spanking is linked to Child’s Cognitive Ability

Spanking is linked to Child’s Cognitive AbilityA new study has revealed that the majority of US children experience spanking at some point of their life despite the fact that spanking has adverse effects on children. Researchers at Columbia University analyzed data from more than 1,500 families to reach the above conclusion.

Their findings revealed that children who are spanked in early childhood are highly likely to be aggressive in future. Not only this, they are also likely to be among ones who do worse on vocabulary tests than their peers.

The study was reported in the journal Pediatrics. A connection between spanking and aggressive behavior has been found by several previous studies. But this new study has also showed clear links between spanking and cognitive ability.

Michael MacKenzie, an associate professor at Columbia University and lead author of the study, said, "We are still trying to learn if spanking has a direct effect on early brain development, or if families that spank more are less likely to read to their kids and use more complex language".

The study was conducted as part of the Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Study.

The researchers were of the view that spanking leads to influence the child's future behavior and parents need to take it seriously for betterment of their children.