Event to Help People Living with Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten-Free-MarketOn Sunday, October 27, Canada's Gluten-Free Market event is arriving at Halton. According to organizers, it is a great opportunity for people suffering gluten intolerance.

The reason being people could gain additional information related to the condition. They could even get to know what food products could be used as an alternative.

It is being said that the market is opening for the second time this year. The event would be held at the Royal Botanical Gardens, which is at 680 Plains Rd. W., Burlington. Starting at 9 a. m., the same is expected to wrap up at 5 p. m.

On the day, people taste, shop and are offered education over different types of gluten-free products. Besides, they would be able to see a few products, which are provided for Celiac disease sufferers or for people who follow a gluten-free diet.

As per the findings, the event has been planned to back the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA), which has sponsored the same. A Gluten-Free Certification Program has been developed by the group that is likely to help consumers in making informed food choices.

"When you think about produce and something like an apple, you think about how the skin is so thin. So the pesticide can actually go into the apple", said nutritionist Miriam Gaines, Department of Public Health.