Scientists Research on Gut Bacteria found in Horses

Scientists Research on Gut Bacteria found in HorsesThe scientists from the University of Pennsylvania researched on the gut bacteria found in horses. They have been continuously working on their research, in order to hope that this will benefit both the health of animals and humans.

The team of researchers at the university's School of Veterinary Medicine are leading five pilot projects as part of the wider initiative.  The main aim of the scientists is to find out the impact of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other organisms on the human health.

They want to find out whether these organisms will lead to maintain the health of humans or they will lead to diseases. This five pilot project is currently being funded by the Centre for Host Microbial Interactions.  They further expect other researchers to come and join the proposal for funding.

Ongoing support and training for faculty and their labs will also be provided by the centre.  They do so in order to carry out analyzes of the complex datasets generated by the genomic research.

Joan Hendricks, dean of Veterinary Medicine at the university, said: "We strongly believe this innovative approach to health and disease will provide new insights into animal and human health and will build on the One Health concept, linking veterinary medicine".