Smoking Causes Prostate Cancer

Smoking Causes Prostate CancerMen who are heavy smokers are at greater risk of developing prostate cancer. Smoking has previously been associated with a risk of lung, bladder, cervix, esophageal and kidney cancers. This risk is more as compared to earlier risk.

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the US revealed that smoking has a considerable impact on the danger of developing prostate cancer. The more aggressive forms of the disease are caused by smoking.

Researchers have analyzed a group of 1,450 men in the Seattle area. It has been observed that about half of the people who were analyzed had prostate cancer.

Dr. Cannon-Albright headed the study.  The results of the study were presented the results today. It was revealed that her lab tactics to look for these Y chromosomes for the genetic mutations that can prompt a man to develop prostate cancer. This type of cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in the U. S.

The study relied upon the Utah Population Data Base (UPDB). This identifies over 6.5 million individuals, including many of the Utah established in the 1800s.

Dr. Cannon-Albright and her team aimed at 1,000 YID groups that included the most men. The number of men included in the group ranged from 167 to 2,264.