Insurance Companies to Pay for Natural Disasters

InsuranceAccording to a new report, strong wind force had meshed most of the parts in UK, causing damage to vehicles, properties and houses.

Rob Townend, claims director at Aviva, said that there are insurance policies for flood, tornadoes, earthquakes and freeze affected persons. The same way there are some standard policies also for those people affected by storms and gales.

He said that there is nothing related to `Act of God', but these things are only covered by the insurance policies made for the common people.

So, if your property or your belongings get affected as a direct result of storm-force wind or rain, then you must go for these policies. If the situation gets worse and you are forced to move out of your homes, then also the insurance policies will have to pay for your alternate accommodation.

Not only for your care, you can also ask for the proper care and funds of your pets too from insurance companies. According to Aviva, the most common types of storm claims are roof tiles blown off, leading to damage of gutters and fascias.

The most important fact is that the repair or replacement of fences, gates and hedges blown down in high winds are excluded from these standard policies.