‘Stopober’ to Help People Quit Smoking

‘Stopober’ to Help People Quit SmokingAccording to a new report, about 12,100 people across Sunderland and the North East had put an end to their smoking this month. `Stoptober'  is an event against the use of cigarettes and the quitters had joined about 250,000 people across the nation. They did so in order to turn their back on the use of cigarettes.

Researchers are of the view that stooping the use of cigarettes can increase the life span of an individual to about one week. Ailsa Rutter, director of the campaign group `Fresh Smoke Free North East', said that it seems good that people have planned to quit smoking and had step forward to be the part of the Stopober.

This step is very essential as it will reduce the harmful effects caused by smoking, leading to serious health diseases. According to the figures revealed this year, more number of people had signed up to join this event.

"It has been an incredible month here in the North East, with events happening all over, Stoptober taking over town centers and football stars backing the campaign", said Ailsa.

In this event, people will stay away from smoking for about 28 days, but the people are encouraged to continue this pledge for their life time. This will also help them in saving their money and they will get the chance to live longer lives with their loved ones.