62% Organ Donors in Scotland Not on Register

62% Organ Donors in Scotland Not on RegisterAccording to a latest report, about two-third organ donors in Scotland have not been registered on the organ donor list at the time of their death.

New figures show about 41% of Scottish People are registered as organ donors. These figures are higher than the registered organ donors in the UK, as the figures in the UK show an average of 31%.

Sources claim about 62% Scottish organ donors were not registered on the NHS Organ Donor Register when they died. This percentage shows the statistics of donors over the last five years, in Scotland.

A new campaign has been started in order to change the present scenario and increase the number of people in the NHS Organ Donor Register list.

Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson said, "The reality is that more than 600 people in Scotland are waiting for a life-saving transplant and across the UK three people die every day because they don't get the organ they need in time".

He also said the campaign has two simple yet equally significant messages. The first one is that people should join the register and the second one is that they should have a chat about organ donation with your family and loved ones.