Women Show Childish Behavior in Adult World

Women Show Childish Behavior in Adult WorldAccording to a new report, scientists said the childish attitude and the mocking behavior can be easily seen in the adult women. These features are very common in the school girl behavior, but the new research found the women with the same attitude in the adult world too.

The researchers call this feature as `indirect aggression'  in women. Tracy Vaillancourt, the study's author, said: "We'll spread rumors about the person, so we'll disparage their appearance, we'll suggest that they're promiscuous, those sorts of things".

She said that men also show the indirect aggression but they do not show up to that level the women do. She added that when women aggress against somebody they do it indirectly, but it is opposite in case of men. Tracy said that the way the man show aggressive behavior is a direct aggression i. e. it is verbal.

John Tierney, New York Times columnist, said there is difference in the men aggression with that of women is because they are operating in a different status hierarchy. Moreover, he said that men are also competing with the resources, so this might also be another reason for their behavior.

He said women feel jealous of not being thin or for being promiscuous among their same gander but, this is not in case of men.