Next Registers 3rd Quarter Sales More than Expectations

NextNext, a prominent clothing retailer has registered its third quarter sales more than expectations. The clothing retailer trades in more than 500 stores in Britain and Ireland.

Not only this, it trades in over 200 stores in more than 30 countries across the world. While talking about the trading, Next, which is considered to be Britain's second largest clothing retailer, has affirmed that business has been quite unpredictable.

Next has reported a rise in sales by up to 4.3%, which was more than expectation of 1% to 4%. Seeing the improved performance of Next, experts have affirmed that in general also it has been predicted that an improvement has been seen and will be witnessed in future as well in the UK consumer market.

Though an improvement has been seen, retailers are still cautious about the inflation outcome. There are a number of stores like Tesco and Debenhams that have stopped guessing the time when consumer recovery will take place. There are chances that the significant recovery will not be seen before 2014.

In addition, it has been unveiled that British retail sales have seen no movement in the past month. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has affirmed that after February, it was the first big fall.