MP Tessa Munt's attempts to stop British jam from becoming French

MP TessaWells Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt warned that if the sugar in the British jam is decreased then it will prove to be almost the end of the British Breakfast.

She will be speaking at the debate the House of Commons' Westminster Hall at 11am today on "Revision of Jam and Similar Products (England) Regulations 2003".

The allowed sugar level for jams, preserves could be decreased from 60 percent to 50 percent. Different progressions will uproot the UK national point of confinement for 'lessened sugar jam' and the national procurements for curds and mincemeat.

The MP has told the BBC that she considers "this is set to be the closure of the British breakfast as we know it".

Assuming that these regulations transform, we'll wind up with something considerably progressively like the French and German item where they have things as products of the soil margarine or a soil grown foods spread.

The civil argument turns out of a Defra counsel seven months back, proposing sugar be cut in jam from 60 percent to 50 percent.

The Government accepts this 'somewhat skinnier stick' will be simpler to fare and help British business.