Prince Charles Pays Tributes to Nurses

Prince Charles Pays Tributes to NursesPrince Charles threw a reception with a motive to pay tributes to the nominees of the Nursing Times Annual Awards. After seeing the hard work and dedication of the nation's nurses, he decided to pay them tributes.

Charles wrote in the Nursing Times ahead of the magazine's awards ceremony, that the nursing care and kindness are the two necessities that must be provided to the sick. He said nurses are the only ones, who give exceptional care to the patients across the country.

Charles has been visiting to hospitals from past 40 years and is also the supporter of more than 30 health organizations. He said by his experience that the nurses play pivotal role in hospitals. He also added that hard work by the nurses create a strong connection between the skilled and the patients.

This is also very important fact on behalf of the medical expertise that nursing staff are allowed to work both on the daily and the nightly basis. "Human kindness, reassurance and sympathy are age-old qualities, yet they are as important today as they have ever been", said Charles.

Victoria Harmer, the cancer nurse specialist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London, has been awarded for the Cancer Nurse of the Year award at the reception.