Family who lost grandma due to NHS neglect waited four years for apology

Alison WaneThe family members of an elderly lady who ceased to exist when negligent surgeons disregarded seven warnings not to give her penicillin said they held up four years for an expression of remorse from the hospital.

An examination into the matter heard Susan Hammond, 65, who suffered cardiac arrest in the wake of being given the anti-toxin, perished at Lincoln County Hospital in July, 2009.

Girl Alison Wane, 46, said: "We got the expression of remorse letter just after the examination began. We held up four years to hear the expression `sorry' and they didn't even come personally to say so."

She also said that they feel appalled. The trust has told their specialist they will give the family £5,000 towards the memorial service.

The family , however, feels this is an offending offer. Cash won't carry mum however her existence is worth more than that.

The family informed that there were such a variety of opportunities to spare her and they were all disregarded.

The family says that circumstances which surround this case must heighten the difficulties of coping with the situation.