NHS pays £1m to couple and reemploys them for another trust

NHS pays £1m to couple and reemploys them for another trustA couple employed with the NHS as managers were given a payoff of almost £1million of redundancy amount but ended up hiring them once again for another health service in few weeks.

Working as a chief executive, Karen Straughair, 50, received a compensation amount of as much as £605,000 when NHS South of Tyne and Wear was shut down during the month of March this year.

Likewise, her husband Chris Reed, chief executive of NHS North of Tyne, was also given redundancy money over £345,000 when his unit was wound up.

Just after few weeks of them getting this compensation amount they were again absorbed for board level jobs at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mr Reed was placed as the interim chief executive while his wife was taken in as recovery director.

Andy Burnham, shadow health minister termed it a ‘scandalous abuse of precious resources’, whereas another health minister, Dan Poulter said that the laws of redundancy were really lax to have allowed such a thing to take place.

It has been found that this is just one couple who is among a group of several similar examples where couples have been laid off with a golden compensation of over £100,000 and most of them were later on placed in other NHS facilities within short periods of time.