Dubai jail guard trails for bribery

Dubai jail guard trails for briberyAn attempt to smuggle hashish to a prisoner locked in the central jail, a jail guard has been arrested by the Dubai police from the Mercato Mall in Jumeirah on September 19. He will be trailed for bribery charges as he allegedly asked for US$1,630 for the smuggling.

The 25 year old accused was arrested in this regard was produced before the Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday. The prisoner submitted that he contacted the guard from the clinic he often visited for prescribed drugs. He said that the guard approached him with a help to provide him with hashish.

Asking the jail guard for have patience to let him decided for some day, the prisoner approached the jail's director, Major Abdel Hakim Ahmed who forwarded the case to the Dubai Police monetary crimes division.

The prosecutor, on the other hand, said that the prisoner agreed to pay the amount under their mutual deal for supplying one gram of hashish. The prosecutor also produced the phone record of the persons which showed exchange of information between them.

Meanwhile, the court of the presiding judge, Fahmy Mounir Fahmy will take up the matter on April 14.