Psychologist is struck-off about her relationship with teen anorexic girl

anorexiaIn a strange incident a Harley Street psychologist was yesterday told off to have an `inappropriate relationship' with a school girl who came to her for help.

Psychologist Gillian Levett, 65, wrote two assessments for her and then there was no communication between the two till the teen school girl came back after a year asking for help.

The senior psychologist with 35 years of practise said that the
17-year-old came for help saying that her rich parents had turned her out of the house and she had no where to go.

Miss Levett said that she was there for the estranged girl for 18 months trying to help her become independent.

She says that she allowed the girl to live in her South Coast holiday home and introduced a wealthy couple to her who agreed to pay her school fees.

The psychologist was however found to be guilty of having an inappropriate relation with the girl and was therefore struck off. The girl could not be identified as yet.

The psychologist also said that the girl was not even her patient and she lent a helping hand just because of kindness and this is what she gets for her kind gestures.