Movember 2013: you can be the MO of the week

Movember 2013Telegraph Men has decided to award you for the endeavours made during the month of Movember by growing a moustache to support the prostate cancer campaign.

The organisation says that they want men to show their newly kept moustaches so that they can see how well they are shaping and the ad says that the ones with the best MOs will be given a set of Marshall Headphones.

Steps that need to be taken for the claim are just a simple picture of you in your moustache posted on Twitter using the hashtag #Movembertm and the handle @telegraphmen to be the winner of the week for the best kept MO.

Contestants for the first week's competition should post their pictures by 2pm on Friday the 8th of November 2013.

The Telegraph Men team will select the winner from the pictures posted on twitter and the winner will get a pair of Marshall Monitor headphones worth £180.

To encourage men from trying to win these cool headphones the Telegraph men has chosen the first over-ear model from Marshall Headphones.

It sports a slender over-ear construction which delivers superior noise isolation without the bulk. The headphones are light on the ears while working out in the gym or simply working in the office.